Pork Prices 2019


Our pigs are pasture and woodland raised. Their diet is supplemented with NON-GMO grain, vegetables, and apples. If you purchase a whole or half hog, you pay by the pound, based on its hanging weight. We cover the transportation of the live pig to the slaughterhouse. You will fill out a cut sheet with the butcher, telling them what cuts you’d like (we’re happy to guide you through this process) and pay the associated butcher fees (roughly $1/lb). You’ll then pick up your frozen, packaged meat from the butcher.

Why we do our pricing this way

Pigs are not manufactured, they are grown, meaning they come in different shapes, sizes, and ages. Slaughtering a pig requires coordination between the farmer, the butcher, and the customer; the variables inherent in this process produce different outcomes in the final weight and make-up of the carcass. Therefore, the prices are given as ranges and kept separate from the butcher fees (also based on weight). And because each pig is custom butchered, the specific charges will vary as well. All said and done, you’ll pay about $5/lb for butchered, sealed, and frozen meat, ready for your freezer.


WHOLE: $4/lb hanging weight

    Whole pigs weigh 225 - 300 lbs hanging, making them $900 - $1,200

    A whole pig butchered takes up roughly one small chest freezer 2’x2’x3’


HALF: $4.25/lb hanging weight

    Half pigs weigh 110 - 150 lbs hanging, making them $465 - $640

    A half pig butchered takes up slightly more than one standard above-fridge freezer


Quarter: $200 flat rate

    25lbs of mixed cuts including: bacon, sausage, chops, ribs, and a roast



At any given time we have a selection of frozen cuts in our freezer.


Tenderloin: $16

Bacon: $12

Belly: $8

Loin chop: $9

Loin Roast: $9

Sausage: $9

Ribs: $7

Ham or shoulder un-smoked: $6.50

Smoked ham: $7.50

Ground: $9

Hock: $6 Smoked: $7

Organ: $3

Fat back: $3

Trotter: $3