Pork Prices 2019


Our pigs are pasture and woodland raised, fed a diet of NON-GMO grain, vegetables, and apples. If you purchase a whole or half hog, you pay a flat rate by the pound, based on its hanging weight. We cover the transportation of the live pig to the slaughterhouse. You will fill out a cut sheet with the butcher, telling them what cuts you’d like (we’re happy to guide you through this process) and pay the associated butcher fees ($0.60 - 0.90/lb). You’ll then pick up your frozen, packaged meat from the butcher.


WHOLE: $4/lb hanging weight

    Whole pigs weigh 225 - 300 lbs hanging, making them $900 - $1,200

    A whole pig butchered takes up roughly 2 standard above-fridge freezers


HALF: $4.50/lb hanging weight

    Half pigs weigh 110 - 150 lbs hanging, making them $495 - $675

    A half pig butchered takes up roughly 1 standard above-fridge freezer


Quarter: $200 flat rate

    25lbs of mixed cuts including: bacon, sausage, chops, ribs, and a roast



At any given time we have a selection of frozen cuts in our freezer.


Tenderloin: $16

Bacon: $12

Belly: $8

Loin chop: $9

Loin Roast: $9

Sausage: $9

Ribs: $7

Ham or shoulder un-smoked: $6.50

Smoked ham: $7.50

Ground: $9

Hock: $6 Smoked: $7

Organ: $3

Fat back: $3

Trotter: $3