pasture and woodland raised pork from maine

Our pigs are work animals on the farm. As we rotate them from paddock to paddock, they regenerate depleted and marginal farmland while producing delicious, healthful meat at the same time. Our hogs spend 365 days a year outside, on the land, and receive no hormones, antibiotics, or shots of any kind. In addition to eating the flora above ground and the roots and grubs below, we feed them a non-gmo grain ration and finish them on apple pomace.

High Ridge Farm Pastured Pork
Pastured Pigs in Montville Maine
Non-GMO Pork from Montville Maine

how to buy

The best way to buy our pork is off the farm. In addition to cooking with it at all our events, we sell whole and half hogs, as well as frozen cuts. The most economical way to feed your family is to purchase a whole or half and have it cut to your specifications. Please see our price list for more information and feel free to call or email with any questions or to place an order.