High Ridge Farm Cider

farm cider

We harvest local wild and heirloom cider apples, press them, and age the juice in old oak barrels in the barn cellar. This endemic process is akin to putting carrots in the root cellar or a leg of pork on the salt; it is out of necessity and luxury in the same breath. Our wild-fermented, dry ciders are the wine of our terrain. Apples thrive in and around our farm and we follow in a long celebrated culture to turn them into table wine.

tasting room

Our first vintage at High Ridge Farm was from 2016 - the year we bought the farm and (tried) to fix everything on it. We made 35 cases of cider that year and will begin pouring it Spring of 2018. Our barn tasting room will be open to the public where we will serve Feet on the Ground by the glass and bottle. Currently, the farm is the only place to purchase our cider and we enjoy the opportunity to share its story and the context in which it was made. Come see us and discover the magic of a farmhouse cider paired with forest-raised pork.